MixConsole rack Color in preferences ?

in preferences im changing colors in “appearance-> MixConsole rack Color”
but i dont see any change in color anywhere. i missing something ? :unamused:

Did you restart C7 after the change?

EDIT: I just tried and I can’t see differences, too.

I think that preference is for the color of the little circle icon in the drop down menu only, and not for the color of those items in the mixer rack.

You’re right. It works this way, but perhaps it’s not the right way :confused:

Sorry if I have this wrong…are you refering to metering preferences…because that is a completely different setting in preferences…it took me awhile to find out where it went…

mmmm… which drop down menu ?
maybe its better to customize colors of those items in the mixer rack.

also need more control of mixer colors and lightness. its soo dark,

At the top of the Mix Console there is a “Rack” tab, if you click on it, a drop down menu appears showing all the items you can dispay in the mix console window and they all have a color assigned to them.
Changing the preference " Appearance- MixConsole Rack Colors" only changes the colors in that drop down menu and not the items as they appear in the mix console. I don’t know if that was the intention of that preference, but it would be nice top have it apply to the items in the rack also, as Winter Rat suggested.