MixConsole Rack Save Configuration

i’m just testing and using C7, it’s looks great and seems wroking fine.

A strange issue happens to me whena i try to save the visual configuration of the MixConsole:

i setup all my parameters in a way that i like in my 1 visualization and right click on the top littlestar left botton showing number 1 and “save Current configuration”, number 1 turns bold, then i modified my visual configuration of the MixConsole and make the same operation on the Number2.

When i try to switch between the two button C7 changes anly the parameters in like routing, send, insert, etc, it doesn’t change the meters showing, the size of the faders. is it right? only this parameters of visualization could be changed?

Any idea? did i make some mistake?


nope your perfectly right in what your doing , it is behaving exactly how your say on the 64 bit.
You can switch between setups and the faders stay exactly the same size even tho they were saved as a different size , weather its by design only steinberg knows ,be nice to have some clarification tho :wink:


hope steinberg will explain this “strange think” on the video tutorial…

i did the same thing the first time(s)!
it’s not made in this way probably because the new mixconsole is primarily designed to accomodate the nuage system. When somebody has it, he/she wouldn’t want to have the tracks change size and misaligning cubase from nuage.
But this does not really make sense for a non-hardware-dedicated software program (not a lot of people using cubase have nuage, or even need it [songwriters, live performers, record-ers on the road, etc])… i guess it’s the hype nowadays with producers wanting to look more and more pro (and be less and less artistic producers)!

anyway, at least that is the way i interpret things.
i really hope too that screensets change the whole mixer in a future release!