MixConsole: Search box improvement for tracks and plugins

Dear Steinberg team,

I would appreciate it if you could consider the following improvment in a future release of Cubase (Pro) 8:

The search box for insert-effects, send-effects and track-names in the MixConsole does currently not allow to step through the filtered results by using the cursor up/down keys. It would be great to do so in order to, for instnace, select a delay plugin after typing just a few characters like “del” and use the cursor down key to select one of the available delay plugins (e.g. MonoDelay or PingPongDelay). Otherwise, one needs to use the mouse to select the searched for plugin name in the result list.

The same improvement should apply for the VST instrument search box (when inserting new instrument-tracks), too.

This feature would speed up the workflow a lot!

Thank you and best regards,

After typing your search, you can use TAB to get focus on the results section. Then arrow keys work as you want.