MixConsole settings do not play on a digital piano

I am working on a 3 track MIDI project.

I did the equalization in MixConsole and exported the MIDI file (so far so good). But when I play the saved file on a digital piano (through a flash drive), the piano does not “see” the equalization and plays the 3 tracks at the same high volume.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!

Learn how MIDI works, and what it is:
MIDI files do not include equalization done to audio channels.
And Equalization does not necessarily have to do with volume.

Lesson learned. By chance, would have any solution?

a solution what for exactly?
If you want the sounds from within Cubase with the EQ settings, you need to render to audio. If you want to use the MIDI data, the sound depends on the device that plays back the data. You could also run your digital piano´s audio through Cubase, and equalize that, and then - again render to audio.

Here’s the question: I know that I can export my project to an audio file using the Cubase, and my volume settings (not to mention equalization) will be there. It turns out that the free Cubase plugins that I have here leave the end result a crap.

So, I would like to render my MIDI project for an audio file using my digital piano, which is an excellent Roland and makes everything more beautiful. But I would like to do this without losing my volume adjustments.

Hey man, be patient. In addition to being a complete noob in DAWs, I’m trying hard to write things right in English (which is a foreign language for me).

Well if I understand you correctly, you´d have to connect the Cubase MIDI track´s output to your Roland´s MIDI input, so the MIDI data gets sent from Cubase to the Roland.
At the same time, you need to create an audio track in Cubase and connect the audio out of you Roland to your audio interface´s input, so you can at the same time record the Roland´s audio into Cubase, while playing back the MIDI file to your Roland.
After that, you can edit the audio to your liking (for example adjust the volume and EQ and then “mixdown -> export” the result.
Does that answer your question…?
And btw. which are the free Cubase plugins you are using?[/quote]

Hey man, I am… :wink:

Your solution makes sense to me. I’ll try as soon as I have time!!

About the free plugins that I’m using, I wouldn’t even know how to answer. I just play with the default Cubase settings that is there, but I didn’t like the result that way.

Perfect!!! Even the on the fly adjustments are registered on the final audio file.

Thank you very much for your support.