Mixconsole settings not saved in Cubase 13?

I discovered that the Mixconsole settings are not saved anymore in my Cubase 13 projects, ie how the sections are setup, which are visible etc.

This is quite annoying for workflow, unless there is a setting somewhere to enable this? Cubase 12 saved the Mixconsole settings per project.



Are you sure Cubase quit properly? Didn’t it crash (silently) during the Quit?

Can you see some other settings, which is not persistent?

It hasn’t crashed to my knowledge, when I quit and re-open there is no initial crash screen to disable third party VSTs for example. I’ve only noticed it on the Mixconsole, it seems to stay on the same settings when I go from project to project


What kind of settings exactly do you mean, please?

Specifically I mean which sections are visible. So for instance, if I have the Mixconsole notepad visible on one project, it doesn’t save just with that project but becomes visible with every project I open after.

Also I’ve noticed some weird behaviour with some channels not displaying properly (see picture)

Behavior has changed with this.

You need to decide whether or not you wish your Configuratons to include the Mix Console settings. (icon on the very upper right of mix console) Check/unckeck the boxes you wish.


MixConsole Functions menu → Section Settings → Link Sections to Configurations.

Then it should work for you. All 4 mix consoles should be checked by default, but apparently yours were not.

Keep in mind that when you change your Mix Console settings, the Configurations will not show an asterisk, nor will you be able to select 'update. " This is a known issue.

So for now, make your changes as said above. Then save that configuration and delete the old configuration.


I have tested this on two different computers. The section visibility is not saving with the project, regardless of whether a configuration has been created or not. On both computers the:

“MixConsole Functions menu → Section Settings → Link Sections to Configurations”

Was already checked

This is a clear bug

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Did you test this by opening in Safe Mode? No user preferences.

Its working here with all 4 mix consoles. Set the configurations up. Make sure link settings to configurations is checked for each mix console. Check/uncheck whatever you desire. Save the project. Re-open…everything is configured properly.

I have tested in safe mode

What I have discovered is section settings are lost, unless you create a configuration. Notepad/channel latency/pictures visibility doesn’t seem to be saved with the project anymore at all.

Yes. Create a configuration.

Track notepad has always been consistent here.

Channel latencies and pictures i never tested.

I think its safe to say if you want consistency always create and store a configuration, and make sure Link Sections is checked.


The setting is stored here on my side. If I add the Notepad in the MixConsole, save and reload the project, the Notepad is visible.

On my end, the Track Notepad has always retained its settings even if you did not store a configuration. After many months use of C13, there are also certain boxes in Set Up Windows Layout that retain 100% of the time such as equalizer curve regardless if you save your project or configuration. I have no idea why. There were a lot of changes under the hood, and I don’t think they are all worked out yet.

In contrast, others, such as Direct Routing, would never come back even when saving the project without it being saved as part of a configuration.

And then other selections such as EQ, repeatedly re-appear when I have purposely deleted EQ, then saved project, then re-open.

Again, if you save theses as configurations make sure Link Selections is checked. The default is all 4 mix consoles checked.

The worst behavior that I have seen using Link Selections is where the user saves a configuration with Link Sections checked, user purposely leaves certain tabs open, save Cubase, then re-opens and all tabs come back that were saved in the configuration, but all tabs are closed. If all tabs are closed, clicking the configuration should open them exactly like they were saved.

@Martin.Jirsak and @umairchaudhry123 if you find different behavior, please let me know preferably with a step-by-step reproduction so we can compare.


If you have been using Cubase 13 for months already, it means, you have to be a Beta tester. Then some Beta version preferences might not be compatible with the release version. Therefore I would recommend trashing the Cubase 13 preferences folder.

It appears as if there are two different topics discussed here. I hope I can clarify these a little bit:

  • Most settings in the Mixer are now stored globally, which previously have been stored in the project. This includes the visibility of sections and areas (such as track-notepad, latency-display or eq-curve) as well as the section expand state.
  • Mixer configurations are still stored in the project. These can include the section visibility/expansion state if the option Link Sections to Configurations is enabled in the mixer (which is on by default) as Greg mentioned but they do not include areas as the notepad visibility etc.

Hey Jendrik -

Can you clarify -

  1. by “global” you mean in a configuration that is set for global? not project? or without configurations, globally means just by saving or working etc. and not using configurations?

  2. Do you mean configurations set as project configurations?

I am discovering moving between two different machines all the maybe idiosyncratic things here - but, something must not be on by default. As saved configuration as project in the project opened on another machine and…

  • have things that are collapsed that were open
  • mix console SECTIONS are no longer selected and thus not in the order set
  • project window, NEW CHANNEL panel, is not picking up which sections I turned on and saved in the project config (assumed) and in the order I put them

I assume most of this is tied to having to tick LINK SECTIONS TO CONFIGURATIONS…

But, the idea it is on by default… I don’t know how or why that would have gotten unticked… is there a Prefs things driving it or something?



ps - I checked if that was on by default on workstation #1 and it is, and that configuration I saved in the project was created on that workstation. And I transferred that project to workstation #2 and opened it, and none of the sections are defined, not in mix console, or the new channel panel sections, and things are collapsed…

So what am I missing here?

I would screenshot but seems difficult to screenshot the pop up menus…

Hey Greg,

Your scenario might be working on a single machine… have you tried your exact step by step then opened it on another machine? I think you might see that some things are not actually transferring with the project configuration layouts or what is or isn’t… but, they might be saving and reopening how you want them. I don’t have any issue with that on the same machine, the LINK SECTIONS TO CONFIG is on by default and it all works on a single machine…

I would assume a PROJECT CONFIGURATION would transfer all of that over, so you get 1:1 reproduction from one machine to another…



Also, what are you referring to here - the icon in the upper right is:


You use that to simply and only turn on what is in the Mixconsole regardless of setting up a Configuration, correct? Am I missing something else here?

Maybe it was a language/vernacular thing - obviously you turn things on and off then if you make a configuration you would expect those things to be on or off in your configuration. (as long as the Link Sections to Configurations is turned on)

Yes i only use a single machine.

So you are saving a .cpr with configurations plus Link sections to configurations is checked, then load the .cpr on another…i assume windows 10 pc?

Im out of town for a couple weeks. Maybe you can get @Jendrik_Seiler to follow up?

Unless i misunderstand you, your assumption is not correct.

The things you check in Set Up Windows Layout will be saved with the mix coniguration that you save, assuming you have checked Link Sections to Configurations. Yes, the icon in upper right of any mix console. If you use 4 mix consoles you need to check each one the way you want them configured, plus check link sections to configurations for each mix console.

Mix Configurations do save the items you checked in Set Up Windows Layout…or according to Jendrik, they should.

Hi @Dayz_K, sorry for the later answer.

  • Global means: Not tied to any project or workspace. When a global setting is stored, it will be retrieved as it was for any other project that is opened. So for example which sections are visible and which of them are expanded is now a global setting (albeit it may be different between MixConsoles 1-4).
  • The “Configurations” which have been mentioned by Greg are the Channel Visibility Configurations. When the “Link sections to configurations” option is on and a channel visibility configuration is created, the visibility and expand state of the sections is stored in the configuration. Recalling one of the configurations will then also restore the visibility and expansion state of the sections. These configurations themselves are however not global but are stored in the project.
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