MixConsole Should Respect CPR Settings w Multiple CPRs

I actually consider this a -bug- but who knows…

If one opens multiple CPRs and switches back and forth (hitting the Activate button), MixConsole usually goes mental… it doesn’t restore the size of the myriad GUI objects to where they were if one had a single CPR open. It -seems- like it’s conflating settings from the old inactive CPR to the newly active CPR.

It’s kinda galling to wait several minutes while it loads/unloads/reloads as the switch happens and then… Et Voila! A mess.

In short: when switching between open CPRs, MixConsole should properly restore all window objects.


Yes, hopefully you mean the window view settings for the mixconsole and any of the other windows that were saved for each individual project. BTW, it seems like a bug to me too.

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Permit me to ask you guys if the preference “General>Open Projects in Last Used View” is set to Never or External Projects Only- if it is, it’s supposed to restore the specific project’s window placement. The ‘Always’ setting uses the window placement last used in the program globally, and the idea of that is to help when you are opening a project from a different setup, where the windows would end up off screen, etc.

Hi Steve,
Mine is set to “Always”. The interpretation I have of op manual page 1068 was that this setting was the best bet to get different projects to open in their last saved state. However, it is not stated this way as these preference settings are for opening external projects. Nothing really stated about opening different projects from the same computer (maybe I am missing it?). Regardless, with this setting, opening a different project (from the same computer) might or might not open them as I last saved them. When I get back to my PC I’ll change it to “External Projects Only” and see if it makes a difference. I’ll wait a few days to report back because like I said, sometimes it worked and sometimes not.

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Only External

I could vaguely understand the issue if one was importing a CPR created on a system with wildly different displays, but (sadly) I’ve muddled along with the same monitors for years. :frowning:

And besides… it happens regardless of CPR age or where or when it was created. I can ‘make it happen’ simply by opening most any 2 CPRs of a certain complexity. In my snarky opinion, they have -still- haven’t totally nailed down the resizing code for MixConsole. From time to time, I still get weird sizing issues, missing scroll bars, etc.

Then you’re right. Though this opinion isn’t not so snarky :wink:

Do you have multiple displays? I ask because I have just one, so I wouldn’t be able to test it. If you run one display, if you feel like zipping up a couple cprs with stock plugins and a bunch of windows open I’ll try to repro when I get a chance… I’m done for today…

I can attest to the mix console horizontal resizing tripping up mixer channel display and scroll ability. By way of either resizing by dragging or visibility view by way of toggling the channel selector.

Dragging the window left and right seems to help most of the time, as does changing channel width. (which I have a shortcut for that really helps.

Just to follow up with this one (working with one monitor)…

Over the last few days I tried this with the preferences set to “External Projects Only” then to “Never”. Seems to me like all three settings work the same when opening different projects. Sometimes they open as saved. Sometimes not. Again, I guess I’m not sure what the meaning of “external projects” is. I am opening other projects that I have created, on the same computer. Sometimes I open them while I have a project open. Sometimes I am just opening a project by itself. More often than not CB does not remember how the project was saved and closed the last time it was open and active. Just switching between projects sometimes changes the view settings. Of course having to “activate” the project is a PIA too but that’s covered elsewhere.

Bottom line… I’m sticking with a +1 for suntower’s original FR for CB to remember how each project was configured the last time I looked at it (whether I saved it or not).

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