Mixconsole slow (open/close/browse)

I’m running a pretty OK cubase at the moment. No real CPU problems and steady workflow. Only 1 thing isn’t really catching up with the rest. When I open and close the mixconsole it takes long! (around 2/3 seconds) Also when i’m browsing the channels it’s laggy and doesn’t really run smooth. It’s not really a big deal but it’s taking a little fun out of the workflow. It’s also a bit strange because the rest is working ok!

There is also no difference in disabling pictures/eq curve/routing etc…

I’ve read this maybe could be a graphics card issue? Or or am I exaggerating and is this the price to pay with the new design? Any tips…?

I’m running 7.0.2 at the moment on a OSX 10.07.05, 2,7 ghz with 16 gb ram including a Radeon HD 6770 512mb video card.

Another strange fact: a friend is running almost exact the same setup and he is having no trouble at all…

Yep, me too. Very laggy.

No problems here on 10.6.8.

Could this be down to some known issues with Lion. Apple has just announced 10.8.3 which is available as a Pre-release.

Maybe worth a download.

Could be indeed… was already thinking about upgrading… but then again i’m a bit afraid something else is going to be messed up :wink:

This is the exact reason I am still on 6.8. As far as I can see Lion is causing quite a few headaches; not just Cubase 7 either.

I have to say that C7 has been pretty good for me. A few design glitches, but show me a DAW that doesn’t.

Good luck mate.

Hi Guys!

Same for me here to. But I run with PC and Windows 7 64bit and Cubase 7.0.2 64bit.

I had a really big issue with laggy projects in the sequencer window. After hour of searching i found out that if I turn off “show blocks” in midi menu in preference. (You know, you can´t see the note in the midi block!).
Now it works perfect!

Just a thought, maybe its something like that, but in the mixer consule (?).

Right now I´m not in the studio so I can´t try or search for it myself.

(Sorry for my poor english!)

/Matt Millon

No problem, we understand :wink: Thanx for the replies! Indeed, I hope it’s something small i’m missing or did not notice…