Mixconsole: solo multiple channels with keyboard "S"??

Has anyone figured out how to solo multiple selected channels with the keyboard “S” key aside from linking them? It only solo’s the last selected channel when I type the “S” to solo. Everything works fine with soloing in the project window- Any help would be appreciated.

Hold down ctrl while selecting - select the bottom of the channel. That does not link them - you right click and select option from window.

I’m sorry, I didn’t explain that very well; made an edit. It doesn’t seem to work for multiple selected channels but if I solo a channel and shift-click or ctrl-click on other channels, they all are solo’d. P.S. I’ve been using cubase for 7 years and know it inside and out; this seems like something the dev’s overlooked and forgot to add to the mixconsole from other versions.

I know you siad aside from linking, but did you consider that in this new version of Cubase you can specify on what types of control you link channels. So you might just want to link some channels together only for mute/solo/listen and leave the other controls like volume etc untouched.

Yeah, but that is significantly more clicks. I could do it before without touching the mouse. I could do it really fast. It is really slow this way. At least so far. I basically find myself not using the mixer.

+1 for bringing back multi-solo on selected tracks via ‘S’-command! Important!

OMG!!! Yes!!

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It’s definitely annoying to have to manually click each “s” on the mixconsole… It works fine in the project view still!!