MixConsole still FUBAR

It’ll never get fixed as the issues are intermittant and not reproducable on all systems. From re-draws to random window re-sizing to channel visibility settings changes during zoom, the list goes on. Not worth posting repros, as like I said it’s not 100% reproable.

Any SB employee who started to read this post

stopped right there.

They dont want to know about ANYTHING that has the words ‘not reproducable’ attached. In fact, they dont want to know about most things. :unamused:

Have to wonder why these graphical problems even exist (platform dependencies? bad math?), but I bet that mixer must have one nightmare of a source.

I feel sorry for the UI team.

As I mentioned in another post, a lot of these graphic issues seem monitor resolution related, users should post their resolution when posting to confirm

No, I tried all resolutions and still AFU! If things worked fine in 7.0 and 7.01, what got screwed up in 7.02 and 7.03? It just makes no sense!