MixConsole, swipe on mouse

I’ve already found some posts on this topic here in the forum, but I’m creating a new one instead of replying to them because I’m not sure if my topic isn’t a bit different. I’m only talking about Mac here, as I don’t know how it works on PC.
In Cubase, it has long been possible to scroll through the project window by swiping back and forth with a finger on the mouse.
However, this is not possible in the MixConsole, although it would certainly be helpful there too. This is because you often work on projects that have so many channels that not all of them can be displayed in one window at the same time. With such projects, you have to touch the bar at the bottom to scroll through the channels in the MixConsole instead. This is less practical than swiping with the mouse.

I use a trackpad and can swipe in the mixconsole to scroll through channels. But it only works in the bottom half of the console ie the fader section. Not sure if this is the same for a mouse.

Thanks for this interesting tip! It actually works for me with the trackpad. It just doesn’t work with the mouse. So it’s a borderline case between feature request and bug.

I have just seen that it also works with the mouse - but only in the lower zone, as with the trackpad. So it’s not a problem and nothing needs to be changed.