MixConsole Track Name workaround

Hi everyone,

I find the track name shortening algorithm in the MixConsole makes the tracks pretty much un-indentifiable so I’ve been using the “Notepad” section of the MixConsole to name my tracks. The font is smaller and the text wraps around nicely.

I’m afraid I’m also one of those who isn’t a big fan of the new MixConsole. Anyway, I’m doing my best to get to know it and work with it because I DO love Cubase.

Onwards and upwards Steinberg!


Agreed that the new algorithm isn’t very good.

Instead of truncating everything but the first and last three letters, it should identify any differences in the names and display that (if that makes sense).

For instance, I name HALion’s outputs [Slot1 Output], [Slot 2 Output] etc., which all get truncated to [HAL…put]. It would ideally shorten them to [HAL…1ut] [HAL…2ut].

But oh well, it’s not a deal breaker. I’ve just renamed all those tracks so that the important parts don’t get lost in truncation (01 Out, etc.).


Nice suggestion. Only problem I have is: although I can enter text into the text box, it isn’t displayed after entering! Going back into the box to edit the text reveals the text, but it is not shown. How crap!