MixConsole - Why so bloated?

This is a formal complaint about the UI decissions in the new C7 - i find it only inches short of a disaster! Of course there is a lot of nice features with sorting, zones and such, but the actual visual presentation is very poorly executed imho. This is just off the top of my head after 30 minutes of usage …

When using multiple mixers in a dual monitor-setup, do we need transport controls on every mixer? It can of course be disabled in the window layout, but there is no way to reclaim the space taken up by the “top bar” … thats just silly!

Mandetory spacing beneath the channel-labels … why!?

A fat bar on every channel indicating PRE, ROUTING, ect … (badly centered) … why!? A label in the side plus a seperator line would be more than sufficiant.

‘Gain’ hidden far away … it should be on the front - or built into the fader (using alt-click)

Not possible to set a hotkey for the 4 different mixer-configurations? Or did i overlook something?

Fullscreen mode - great idea, but why only one mixer? Why not a layout with two or three mixers, so you could cram som information in there? … and while you’re at it, do fullscreen for the arranger as well!

Whos your chief of UI design, and where does he/she live? I wanna have a word …

also, the text on the Inserts is very difficult to read. some work required there…

Yes, the new mixer is not a nice upgrade!

  • fonts blurry (probably wrong combination background/foreground color -> problems with cleartype antialiasing)
  • too much space between buttons and labels
  • too large borders and labels (e.g. rack eq, channel strip)
  • some labels hard to read (black on dark gray)
  • UI inconsistencies (sliders in eq, knobs in rest of channel strip)

In Cubase 7 a second monitor is definitely needed for the mixer alone (I have to say this even with an Apple Cinema Display 27") :open_mouth:

Functionally it’s OK, but it doesn’t handle screen space economical at all. So this is the next big thing :confused:

Sends level in grey is not easy to read in a wink, in the mixer view…
OOps… just see this is blue when activated… :confused:

One comment, you all have noticed that the mixer is sizeable just with the keys “G” and “H”? I mean, there is purely from the physical point of view a limit where text might make sense.
In addition, you’re able to change color and brightness of the mixer in the prefences. That might help to be easier on the eyes.

On a personal note, I had my difficulties with the new mixer as well when I first saw it. It is not perfect (see the issues list we published) but I took the time to get used to it and the new features it offers really grew on me. It is a big change compared to the old mixer and certain issues will definitely be addressed with upcoming updates. Nevertheless, it is so much more versatile than the old one and that alone is a very good basis for the things to come.

Yes there has to be updated a lot, especially for Laptopuser.

eg a small mixer which can be docked to the main window without loosing all the space for unneded frames