Mixconsole zoom makes it impossible to read long name insert

I use the Izotope Plugins. all the plugin names start with “Izotope Ozone 5” and then the name of the plugin. For example

“Izoptope Ozone 5 Maximizer”
“Izotope Ozone 5 Imager”
“Izotope Ozone 5 Exciter”
“Izotope Alloy 2”

When I zoom out the mixconsole main window to a normal size, the insert channels all look like this:


I can’t read what is what on the inserts unless I change to the channel editor or zoom in the mixconsole. Either that or I’m forced to work in a DRASTICALLY zoomed in mixer window that 's very uncomfortable. It slows my workflow down to a snails pace and is a complete dealbreaker for me with the upgrade. Unless I’m missing where to enable the channels to have the names shortened so you can read them like in previous Cubase versions, I am forced to work in 6.5 or move to another DAW.

Very disappointing nobody in Cubase 7 BETA noticed the HUGE flaw in workflow. You should be able to read long insert names clearly in any zoom range. FAIL FAIL FAIL

Am I the only person who finds this to be ridiculous?

Here’s what I mean

You’re definitely right. There needs to be a smarter algorithm to determine what part of the truncated name is shown.

They used to have an algorithm that did that in previous versions because of this same problem. They actually reintroduced this problem back into the software! Is the Steinberg QA team sleeping on the job? It’s such a rudimentary thing not to catch.

You can always rename them.


How do you rename them? I’ve been trying to figure that out. It’s not like renaming a channel name. Do I just rename the dll file?

Nevermind, just saw you’re talking of inserts. :doh:

Renaming the .dll might do it.

I’ll try the dll rename and report back in 2 hours

Yeah you can actually rename the .dll files but just keep in mind you will have to re-do any VSTpresets created with the old name.

Copying the vstpreset files from one folder to the new names folder will do…

However, renaming dlls might lead to incompatibility, instability, at least duplicate files and problems upon updating them…

Solution: http://www.familiekraft.de/PluginManager

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Son of a… well damn I feel like an idiot. I recently changed the name of two of my Arturia synths and re-did all the VSTpresets one by one :blush: :laughing: :frowning:

This workaround succeeded. The only issue I had was reassigning skin to a plugin. Otherwise it’s going well now. I always save my presets outside of the DAW in the VSts own preset manager specifically for path issues like this. This also gives me the ability to ditch a DAW if it’s really sucking.

This trick does not work with a) VST3 plugins, AFAIK and b) Mac OS X. So it needs a proper solution from Steinberg.

On a slightly different (but related) subject, when you reduce the size of the fader block, channel names disappear.

I think the channel names or labels should always be visible at least vertically and when reducing the mixer size horizontally, it should employ scrolling text or something to that effect.