I noticed a lot of moments like this in Cubase 8 (please pay attention @ 4:02)


As you can see the numbers (showing decibels) on faders are gone (!!???!!!)
Similar GUI related moments start randomly. I open a test project with 4 or 5 channels, and those are colored BLACK until I make some action, usually click on the channel. Next opening of the same project may or may not behave the same way. Hitting F3 may or may not show the MixConsole without those numbers I mentioned. If numbers are gone, I cannot make them come back, the only way is to restart the project.
I didn’t put any specs in my signature (subject to change) as I have at least three machines, but, basically, I’m a Windows 8.1 user.
I guess this would be my first post, and I’d like to THANK STEINBERG for the grace period. Long story short - I was having major issues with a different DAW and audio interface. I ended up with Cubase 7.5 and UR44 and I like the workflow.

This depends on the width settings of the mixer.

Thank you very much for your answer. I’m sorry if I overlooked something + jumped to conclusion; indeed hitting G + H buttons, and I was able to see those numbers again in a couple of last sessions… I was sure I’ve been through this before I made this topic… Thanx

Well,well,well… I hate to say it - but here it is again. No matter how I set it, those numbers are still gone. So, I guess, I was right.