MixConvert V6 Attenuates Output to Mono Channels

When routing channels of a 5.1 audio track to mono tracks, MicConvert V6 imparts undesirable level changes.

Here’s my steps to duplicate the trouble:

  1. Launch Cubase
  2. Import a 5.1 WAV file (Track Name = “5.1 Audio File”)
  3. Add a Group Channel Track (Configuration = 5.1, Track Name = “Surround In”)
  4. Add a Group Channel Track (Configuration = Mono, Track Name = “Mono Out”)
  5. Route output of track “5.1 Audio File” to track “Surround In”
  6. Route output of track “Surround In” to track “Mono Out”
  7. Route output of track “Mono Out” to “No Bus” [I’m doing this in order to export surround channels to a combination of stereo (Lf/Rf, Ls/Rs) and mono (C, LFE) wave files via File > Export > Audio Mixdown… As such, no audio output is necessary. Normally, there would be four such pairs of group channel tracks - two stereo and two mono - but for this demonstration, one mono track is sufficient.]
  8. Double-click on track “Surround In’s” panner to reveal the MixConvert V6 control panel
  9. Press the Show/Hide Input Panel Display button to reveal the Input Panel Display
  10. Click on the center speaker indicator
  11. Make sure no other speaker indicators are selected. We want to route just the Center channel of the “5.1 Audio File” to the mono track.
  12. Reset all levels to 0.0 dB
  13. Press Play
  14. Note the level of tracks “Surround In” and “Mono Out” are around 4.8 dB lower than the corresponding center channel of track “5.1 Audio File.” They should have identical levels.

I’m running Cubase Pro 9.0.20 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. Computer is a scratch-built Intel Core i7-4930K @ 3.40 GHz with 32 Gb RAM.

I hope this is helpful.