MixConvert V6 - Cannot Bypass

Hi there,

I ran into some pretty strange problems today when trying to export my 5.1 score into 6 separate mono wav files. With the MixConvert V6 as an insert on my master channel, I monitor the mix on a quadrophonic system with subwoofer. Therefore I set the output configuration to “Quadro + Lfe” to have an accurate representation/downmix from 5.1 to 4.1. This works really well. However, when I export the separate mono tracks, it seems to leave Lfe and center channel wav completely empty. I figured that I should bypass/disable the MixConvert plugin and try the export again (setting it to 5.1 as output doesn’t work either). This had no effect. Only if I remove the plugin from the insert slot, the export is complete and C + Lfe are being exported with a correct audio signal. I read somewhere that the plugin does more than just sit in an insert slot - it communicates with the sequencer in a more intricate way. Could this be the reason why I have to completely unload it when exporting? It is pretty annoying, since in some moments, I tend to forget the plugin is loaded and then just end up in confusion why some of my exports are faulty. Bug or feature?