Mixconvert v6 loaded many times?

Hi, working on a stereo project inside cub11 win10 and saw that i have 192 instanced of mixconvert v6 enabled. What is this for and is this normal or how can I get rid of this plugin inside my session ?
I don´t really understand where I can see this plugin that I didnt insert manually…
Thanks ,
Cheers lokotus

A start at least

thanks but i wonder why it is even in my project since i only work in stereo and how can i get rid of all the instances ? do other users also have this many instances of this plugin enabled in their sterep project ?

From what i read in the manual this plugin can only be inserted on the Masterbuss and we dont have 192 inserts there :slight_smile:

Could you please port a screenshot of it se we can see how you see it ?

ok here we go… cheers,

I’ve noticed this before, and have a load (32) showing in current project in the plug in manager, although I’m also only working in stereo output, and have not inserted it on any channel, My assumption was always it’s part of the internal mechanics of the program, and guess it’s involved when sending mono sources to stereo busses etc?

ok good to know other users have this too, maybe somebody from steinberg could help out solve this mystery…

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