MixConvert v6 - Solo button not saved

As I didn´t get any reaction from developper side, I´ll post this again, this time in the english forum:

The state of the Solo Buttons in “MixConvert v6” is not being saved.
When Solo is active and the session is being saved and closed, the Solos will be deactivated after loading the project again.

We´re using MixConvert v6 to route specific sub-channels of a Multichannel track to a mono-bus or a sub-channel of an output bus. This is essential in Multichannel or 3D environment.
The standard MixConvert (not v6) is not usable as an alternative, as it sums all channels in the first step. A sub-channel solo doesn´t have an effect here (Bug Nr. 2 ?)

This behaviour is the same unter Nuendo 7.0 and 7.1.0

System: MacOs 10.11.6 (El Capitan), Nuendo 7.1.0 (Build 188)

Steinberg, please give a feedback wether you intend to solve this issue.
Thank you,


Yes, this is a known issue.

@Martin: Thank you for confirming.

@Steinberg: I was looking forward to a bugfix in Nuendo 7.1.2, but nothing changed. Could you please solve this issue? It is very tedious to always reset dozens of solo buttons after opening a session. A showkiller! Please fix this simple bug.

Thank you,
Andreas Turnwald (Fraunhofer IIS)

Could using mixer delay help you?
It can route mute control level and delay. Is that enough?

Hi Erik,
Mixer Delay can only do routing inside the track/bus slot. But I want to route from one channel in a multichannel track to a specific channel in another multichannel bus. E.g. Center Channel in a 5.1 track to channel10 in a 12.0-bus.
AFAIK, this is not possible with the Mixer Delay. Please correct me if I´m wrong.

If Mixer Delay in inserted in the largest track/group, then this should perfectly work.
Unless I am missing something … (haven’t read the whole thread)


Well it will and won’t work then I guess. So as Fredo said it can rearrange on the largest bus but that would also mean that you can’t send to it in its native format at the same time.
But you have piqued my interest.
Please explain again on what you want to achieve as I don’t quite understand your chosen workflow.
On another note. I think there is a non standard solution for you. You could perhaps use the atmos panner to do what you need. So do please explain again. A picture or a video might help to.

Edit spelling sucked…

Hello Erik and Fred,

thank you for taking your time.

Imagine, I have a 5.1 track (L,R,C,LFE,SL,SR) and a 22.2 output bus (Yes, we do productions with that…)
For example, I´d like to route the Surround left channel of the 5.1 track to channel Number 11 (“Side right”) on the 22.2 out.
Of course, I could split the 5.1 track into mono tracks and then route them track by track, but then I loose the practical coherence of the 5.1 track (multichannel processing, automation, etc.).

Or, much simpler: Route the right side of a stereo track to track 5 (Surround left) of a 9.1 Auro3D bus.

Using the mixer delay in the Destination bus is not a solution, as you have to seperate/select the channels in the source track at first. And that´s where Nuendo fails, as it mostly takes he first/left channel of the source bus only and drops the other channels into nirvana.
see also: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=99050

Any ideas?
Thx, Andreas

22.2 pushes me outside of my comfort zone :slight_smile:
Still fascinating.