I’m trying to understand the routing.

5.1 Mix routed to a 5.1 bus
Use send on 5.1 bus to send 5.1 mix to a Stereo bus
Nuendo automatically inserts MixConvert on the 5.1 bus
I use the output of the Stereo bus during my Mixdown to create the Lt / Rt

This means i need to export my 5.1 Mix in one pass, then turn on the MixCovert Insert and export my Lt / Rt.

Does this all sound correct?


More or less, yes. Assuming you’re happy with the way the LtRt is decoding.

You can do it in one pass though if you want. Batch export the 2 bussus, or set up re-record channels to record them.

Or… I use the surcode dolby plug in but you can sorta do this with mix convert too. After my 5.1 mix is approved, I insert the encoder on each main 5.1 stem - dial, fx, bg, music. These busses feed a stereo buss (be sure to turn off the default mixconvert normalization stuff here) The stereo buss feeds another 5.1 buss. The 5.1 buss has a decoder on it for monitoring.

I find that I get MUCH BETTER definition on the decode using multiple encoders. I can also automate settings from scene to scene to take care of steering problems and just control the decode in general.

MEAP is still a better batch export tool than what is built in, for my money.
Yes the built in batch export is neat and it is a good start, but the locators cannot move.
With MEAP you get a lot more flexibility…

+1 for MEAP.

I still have MEAP but don’t use it as much as I used to, work has changed.