Mixconverter_control room blacklisted

Woke up my system this morning and received this message:

The following plug-ins have been added to the Blacklist:

/Applications/Nuendo 8.app/Contents/VSTPlugins/Surround/mixconverter-controlroom.vst

Says it’s a 32 bit plugin. Question is, why today (after working in Nuendo 8 for over a month) and why, if Nuendo 8 no longer supports 32 bit plugins, did Steinberg install it? Anyone else? john

I want to know that toooooo. happens for me now 2 weeks after I install cubase 10. fresh OS X Sierra fresh install

Works here. Just tried to load mixconvert in CR VST section - no problem. Never load it before. Maybe you mean not what I did.