mixcubes i love you

wow wow and wow been running them in for about 2 weeks now and they are starting to sound very nice indeed ,very very detailed , best little buy ive done for a while

just thought id share my love !!!

Which are these? The ‘old’ ones, the copied ones or the Behringer fake ones :wink:

avantone actives , absolutely beautiful , there is no way on this planet I would go for a fake brand especially if its behringer , the write up on the c50 and c5 was absolutely pants :wink:

Nice :slight_smile:. I was mildly interested in the behringer ones until I read the reviews :stuck_out_tongue:

the c50 is more like the original but I wouldn’t even touch the c5 if my life depended on it :astonished: :wink:

ive had one avantone passive for about 4 years now and thought I would treat myself to a pair of actives and well even thou they are still “running in” the differences im hearing in the mid range are unbelievable, if you have some spare cash these little buggers certainly help with the mid range and help you clean up the mid frequency squashing and mudding artefact’s , you will look at your mixes in a completely new way :wink:

try to demo a pair if you can , even one for mono which I was using helped but IMO pair is certainly a lot better