Mixdown a VST Instrument track to an Audio Track


I’m using Cubase 6.5. My exported audio mixdown of a VST instrument track does not sound the same as the original track. I solo the track I want to render (say a Cinebrass trombone), go to File - Export audio mixdown, select Stereo Out, and pick wave file and appropriate sample and bit rate. When it is finished I bring the audio file into Cubase and compare it to the VST track and it does not sound the same. The audio is louder and sounds different. Am I missing something? Do I have to do something else to make sure all of my inserts on the track, the inserts on the master bus, and my sends are rendered with the VST instrument track?

Thank you

I think I just figured it out. A silly mistake as per usual for me in these software situations. The sound was different between my wav file and the original VSTi track because I imported the wav file back into the same project to compare the two tracks, causing the wav file to be processed AGAIN by what I had on the master bus.