Mixdown Arranger

Never used it before. But now I finally got used to use the Arranger I have to realize that it still doesn’t support Mixdown. A search on the forum shows that this is an old problem. A pity still not fixed in the Pro version. Maybe its no pro function :wink:

One way you can arrive at the same result:

Flatten Arrangement
Export audio mixdown

Hi Steve, sure was thinking about this too, thanks. But nevertheless a work around. When you search the web there are a lot of hints. Just wondering that Steinberg not just implemented it to work straight out of the arranger.

I imagine it has to do with the way the cycle defines the length of the export vs the arranger moving the cursor around during playback.

I agree - and IMHO the cycle (aka the locator) shouldn’t be used to define the 2mix length; the locator is primarily for editing and composing.

Why can’t we have a simple end-marker? Or the start and the end bar defined as part of the project properties?

Tried to set the right locater far way to the right. This extended the mixdown a bit, but still not the whole arrangement. So far, flattening seems to be the only option.

This has been discussed many times, for example http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=33051 :wink: