Mixdown artefacts, crackles, pops

Mixdown is introducing audio pops and crackles, at seemingly random places each time I try to mixdown. The project itself plays without these artefacts, just the exported wav. I have also tried flac and m4a with the same issues.

The individual tracks and the master are mixed and compressed to below -6dB and none of the meters are peaking/red.

The project is two 48khz/24bit wav stems exported from Maschine, plus one micrologue track. The project is set to 48khz/24bit, but the problem persists when I export using different settings. Mixdown is set to realtime - non-realtime results in a stretched glitchy version which is even worse, so this might be something to do with sample rates.

iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inch (A1584), iOs version 14.6, Cubasis 3.3.3

None my other audio apps have ever had this issue, so this is really frustrating; if a DAW can’t export audio, it’s useless.

I tried tracking out into Audioshare which gets around this problem, but the automation then seems to lose sync with the track and the effect timing is off in the resulting audio, which is a separate bug, obviously.

Hope there’s a quick fix for this, thanks.

Hi @Spacedfez,

Thanks for your message.

Please share the project with us, so we our engineers can give the issue a repro. To do so, please upload the project via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.

Thanks in advance!

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Just sent, thanks for checking it out.

Hi @Spacedfez,

Thank you for the private message and the project download link.
Please have a look at my reply via PM.

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Thanks Lars. The export you sent back was clean, and after loading the same stems into a new project the exports from that are fine. It might be a corrupted project on this ipad or something, hopefully just a one-off.


Hi @Spacedfez,

Thanks for the update!
I’m glad to read that the issue has been somewhat resolved.

In addition, Cubasis 3.4 will be released soon, and comes with many fixes for user-reported issues…

Enjoy making music
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