Mixdown changes pitch

Originally,I set my converter and interface to record audio files at 48K , but forgot to set Cubase’s project to 48K. The project is set at 44.1 and the Sample Rate in the pool says 44.1

When I play the song back within Cubase at 48K with my converter and interface it sounds fine.

However, when I mixed down at 44.1, the pitch is lower. The same is true mixing down at 48.

So, I’m wondering how to fix this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s a video of what I’m talking about:

The first audio is being played back at 48. The second is played back at 44.1

I swear I recorded it at 48 and the first audio is what I was hearring during recording. Is it possible Cubase downs ampled to 44.1 based on the project settings? I usually record at 48. So, I forgot to change the Project settings to 48. Or, could it be something else?