Mixdown changing speed

Hi, i use Cubase LE 5 with Lexicon Alpha and i can register well.
I can listen correctly the track in project but when i mixdown it the file .wav or .mp3 or any other result changed in speed, exactly more rapid.
Can you help me

choose the correct samplerate.

the samplerate is the same for track and project and mixdown 48.000khz 24 bit, but nothing change

Is it increased spedd only, or increased pitch also…?

…also pitch

Then it is definitely a samplerate problem. More rapid means, your audio file has a lower samplerate than your soundcard / project. If roughly a half ton, the audio file is at 44,1 kHz
Also see here

Well, thank so much.
I’ve change the asio driver of my alpha with V2Asio. Now i rec in 48.000 sample and mixdown in 48.000 and the file match correct pitch.
Thank you