Mixdown CPU usage about 33%. Bottleneck?

I have a 5930X CPU overclocked to 4.3ghz but I notice that at mixdown generally its only ticking over. I’m running 12 UAD DSP chips on the system (1 octo 1 quad). Could the UAD be slowing things down or why does Cubase not use the full power of my CPU cores… or at least some of them?

I’d be interested to learn more about this. When rendering in Vegas all the cores go more or less to 100% and the CPU fan runs fast to keep the temperature stable. In Cubase, it does pick up a bit, but nothing like the same intensity, so there’s spare capacity somewhere.

UADs slow down export, it’s a lot of extra data travelling.

If its true its another reason to move away from UAD - which I’ve actively been trying to replace with native stuff over the past year to be more portable!

I don’t have UAD, so though it could be a factor, it isn’t here. I have an old TC Powercore, but it makes no difference if installed and in use or removed from the system completely.

Interested to hear about this from a Steinberg employee regarding CPU usage on export

It is easy to check of it’s uad2 (I still use my UAD1’s) Load a big project, remove all uad plugins, export and observe the cpu usage.

The UAD is probably not the full story anyway…

But still an interesting check!