Mixdown Cycle Markers ->Import -> option

Hi all and best wishes for this new year,

I very often export multiples files at once using the export cycle markers option in the “export audio mixdown” window, and very often I check import to pool and audio track.

I’d love to have an option for importing these files on one OR different tracks (just like when you drop multiple files from the pool to the proect window). For now Nuendo will automatically drops those imported files on different tracks.

I know that I could check import into project “pool” only (not audio track) and then drag 'n drop from pool to have the option but then the files are not placed on the timeline where they were mixed down.

And “move to origin” is not an option for me when working with WAV files and not BWF.

I admit this is quite specific but would be a nice time saver !


this would be very helpful indeed.