Mixdown Format size

Hi there,

While creating mixdowns for a coming CD -Projects into wav-formats, it’s come to my attention that the size vary a lot…not proportionally to the tracks length but rather (So it seems) Related to The number of tracks in the project. They are huge For instance I have a 11 min wav which is over 110 Mb large. Why is this ? And what can I do to reduce the size of a mixdown file without reducing cd-quality? Thanks in advance Vic

Hi Vic11,

The WAV mixdown file size is related to the length of your music, and not the number of tracks etc.
To make the file size as short as possible, it might make sense to double check these settings:

  • Set the L/R locators according to the beginning and end of your project
  • Go to Setup/Mixdown and choose “Create Mixdown”
  • Make sure nothing else than “Mixdown between locators” is enabled

To save even more space, you might give it a try to mixdown your projects as FLAC or M4A files.

Hope that helps!