Mixdown is mono channels

Hi, I am totally baffled, I am mixing down a vocal and clean guitar which are on individual tracks, when i play them back in CB the mix is a lovely stereo mix that I require, however , when I export the mixdown audio I have to separate mono tracks, vocal on right speaker, guitar on left speaker, I have tried everything, , please any advice would be appreciated
Thank you

Can you post a screenshot of your Audio Mixdown Dialog showing the settings you use?

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Here you go @mlindeb :slight_smile:

Are you saying that it creates two separate mono files for L and R, or is there only one single stereo file but vocals are hard panned right and guitar hard panned left ?

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@Louis_R its creating 2 separate channels, vocals is in the left and guitar is on the right, it is not a producing a stereo mixdown :frowning: nothing is panned it’s all C

This is confusing… do you have one file or two files ? Split Channels is not checked on your screenshot, so it’s supposed to create a stereo file.

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I understand that, when i load the mixdown back into CB it is one wile showing two channels :frowning:

Alright so you have one stereo file, that’s just what I wanted to know…
But in your project you only have two mono recordings, are using any “stereo maker” plugin to get a stereo effect ?
It that’s not the case it’s quite logic that everything is at Center when you downmix.

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There are no stereo markers here is a SS

Can you please show the MixConsole ?

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Everything looks right to me, how does the mixdown file look when you import it back into Cubase ?

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careful its loud for some reason

wow look how much it’s clipping from the mixdown ???

This is not reflected in the audio file you uploaded. It sounds like a stereo file with the vocals centered and the guitar panned hard left. Are you using stereo plugins on your mono tracks?

I’m thinking perhaps Cubase is exporting properly but your listening setup is flawed?
In this project, can you pan the guitar track left/right and hear it pan in a pair of headphones?


The vocals are okay, it’s the guitar that is hard panned Left. Are you sure you don’t have anything that can influence the panning in the signal path, like a plugin ? Have you tried tweaking the guitar track panner to see how the mixdomn is created ?

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the setup is in the pics, i have never has this problem in 7 years, could win 11 be at fault?

I’m not seeing any clipping in this screenshot with the current zoom level.
Before exporting, keep an eye on your Stereo Bus and make sure the levels does not exceed 0dB. -1dB is even better which gives you a little bit of headroom.

well look how much the volume has increased in the pic, again i stress, nothing is panned and the only stereo is a delay insert

This is because the left channel has both vocals + guitar on it, but the level is roughly the same.

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