Mixdown issues since update

Hi Lars. After many years successfully using m4a mixdowns to send demos to my band mates via email, after the ios update the m4a mixdown sounds horribly phased. The wav mixdown of the the same project sounds perfect so it’s not a silly effects mistake on my project. I can’t send 30mb files via email all the time. This has only started occurring since I moved to ios 14.3, I have an iPad Air 2. Please can you have a look at why the m4a encoder isn’t working properly? Thanks, Chris

Hi Lars, scratch that comment, it only seems to be phasing the m4a mixdown in my beats headphones, my studio monitors and other cans it’s fine. Odd, as the wav and the actual project sound fine in the beats, just the m4a mixdown is phased, but I can work around it.



Hi Tedbloggs,

Thanks for your updated comment.
Glad to read you’ve been able to sort out the issue yourself.