Mixdown noob question

Why does the mixed down version sound so different ?
thanks for any help :}


I’m 100% sure, it doesn’t.

Please, make sure, you listen the sound via the same speakers. Also make sure, your player doesn’t contain any effects, especially EQ.

The only way, how to make the sound different from Cubase is, there is a plug-in sitting on the Monitor bus in the Control Room (if Control Room is enabled).

Yes done all that, I will have to do more
a/b testing thanks for the reply :grinning:

maybe some of your channels go to another Stereo Out…like Stereo Out 2

then those channels would not go to your audio export, which can be confusing

you can check this in the mixer on top of each channel

No fancy routing going on, just one master out. Thanks for the suggestion.
maybe it’s just me
nice to know what i hear in daw is what i should get on render
thanks all

it could also be something that has to do with your soundcard/interface itself…

i have a huge RME interface with a trillion options, like buildin FX.
If i forget to turn that off, and play my sound after bouncing, it will sound different

Some laptops/computers have options like these, like wierd game-sound settings and this will also give you a different sound when playing back bounced audio

etc etc etc :slight_smile: