Mixdown =/= normal playback

There’s something going on with a patch in Sunrizer during playback that doesn’t happen in mixdown. I thought it was overlapping mega delay, but it does it on the first playback of the Cubasis file, so that hasn’t had time to loop.

I can’t really describe better than that, but I’m getting lots of fun filtering in the app that ain’t in the mixdown. Is it Cb or Sunrizer? Or if it’s known, what do I do to fix it? I think if I replicate the track, or at least that part of it, it might work, but I’m bothered to mess with the arrangement as is.

Thanks :slight_smile:

.sorry, iPad Air, 1.8.2 ios

First please check if changing the hardware latency (located in setup/audio) to 256 solves the problem.
If the issue is different please upload the project and let us have a PM with the download link.