Mixdown of several individual tracks at the same time

Is it possible to make a Mixdown of several individual tracks at the same time? At the moment I have to solo 1 track at the time…

In export/Audio Mixdown
Click on “Channel Batch Export” upper left corner., and tick the tracks you want to export.

thanks got it :wink:

I have done some testing, and the sound of a mixdown done by making a solo track and by using channel batch export ends up with a different result. I discovered this, because I listened to a hihat made from batch mixdown. It did not sound crisp, as it does in the project. I then tried to make a mixdown of that single track by making it solo and then the sound is the same as in the project. perfect. It has nothing to do with volume or effects. Why does the sound change when making a channel batch mixdown contra making a solo track mixdown?

and I now discovered, that some of the tracks exported using channel batch, they dont even export the sound with them, just a silent audio track. When I export a solo track, everything works fine. Does anyone else experience issues with channel batch mixdown?

Do you have any insert effects on your stereo out?

Soloing will include those…batch exports at the channel level so misses the stereo out.

What types of tracks have mute output exactly…audio, track instruments, rack instruments, groups?

no effects on stereo out.
and no group channels and no fx channels. just a normal track channel

wait… i found something…