Mixdown -- sound of the finished Wave track is different from the sound in the project

Hello everybody! I really need help

I work in Cubese 11 Pro, IMac machine, OSCatalina, UAD Apollo 8 sound interface. When I mixdown from a project, the sound of the finished Wave track is different from the sound in the project. The feeling that the signal is not phased, the upper and lower frequencies disappear, the volume of the instruments changes. Also the finished file sounds completely different from different sources. In the car, the loss of frequencies is strongly audible. Out of phase is less. Through a laptop it is generally awful. If you listen through the sound interface of the UAD, then all this is not so obvious.I read all the articles on the forum, inserted dithering into the master bus, did a mixdown with the same bit and sample rate parameters. Nothing helps. I noticed that this problem exists only with VST instruments and with audio tracks on which there are any insert or send effects, with group tracks. If i import an audio track into the project and do not use any processing, then the mixdown happens perfectly and when i load the exported file back into the project, flipping the phase 180 degrees, I get absolute silence. If there are VST instruments and some kind of processing, then after the mixdown and phase reversal, a lot of sounds are heard. Please hear an example reversed phase files. Thanks for your answers and help!

Could you post for example a screenshot of your export settings?

Sorry I’m not at my computer.

Ahahah but not you :smiley: I meant @Andrey_Karpenko

Hello. Yes of course.

Is it on purpose that you have 88200Khz for sample rate?

this has always been the case .
many reverb tails and delay taps can also be lost.

but i never heard it so bad before

my belief is that the non real time mixdown takes some liberties with the math.

have you tryed to export in real time to over come this?

also , sometimes i like to render VSTi to an audio track. i don’t bother with freeze i just export mixdown a VSTi , one at a time , and then i have the chance to re process the wave in the mix . with out having to worry about the VSTi processing .

if there is some dramatic VST effect that benefits from this process it could be done as well .

in a busy mix i sometimes end up with 2 projects . one with VSTi and one with no VSTi but including all the exported audio tracks

i consider it some thing like a pre and post production .

it is the long way , but it has worked for me

but i must say again i have never heard it so bad before , it makes me wonder if something else is going on .

Yes. I work in projects with parameters 88.2 kHz and 24 bits. I created projects and saved a Wave file with different parameters and 44.1 and 176.4 kHz. The result is the same.

Yes, I understand that modulation effects can produce different phases when recalculated. But the problem is heard not only in modulation effects. You can hear it in drums, guitar. Very bad mixdown right now. I did the real-time mixdown. After I discovered this problem, I started made the offline mixdown. There is no difference in how i mixdown.
I have always translated the sound of VST instruments into separate audio tracks. It was on this procedure I discovered to the problem. Bounce the multitrack from Steven Slate Drums 5.5 into audio tracks made the audio tracks sound terrible. A long way gives a good result usually! Yes, the result for today is terrible. And the terrible thing is that I just can’t find a solution to the problem