Mixdown sounds different than the mix in cubase...

Hi all,
I’m mastering a song in cubase 8. I Use the Slate Virtual rack with some EQs in it and the Slate FG-X to master my song.
What is strage is that when I export a song from this project, the file created has not the same sound than the project itself. The file exported comes with more highs.
My project is 44khz 24bits and the problem is the same if I export in WAVE 44/24bits or mp3 320. When I ewport in 44/16 it has less highs than the actual mix.
This is not a problem with the player I use to listen to the mixdown because when I inport the file in the cubase project and compare it with the mix by solo the track I have the same issue.

What is strange is that if I check the realtime export I don’t have this problem. The mixdown in mp3 or wave 24/16 bits sounds exactly the same than the actual mix in cubase.

Does someone has the same problem and know why this happens. I would like to export my mixdown not in realtime to same time :slight_smile: