Mixdown sounds different

Hi, Im new to Cubase so please go easy on me :slight_smile:

Im trying to mixdown two audio tracks from a gig we played - one from a little Zoom H1 recorder and the other out of the sound desk. Both are WAV files. No other instruments or audio

I’ve opened them in Cubase LE AI elements and applied some EQ to each file (included EQ only, no third party plug ins). Sounds awesome when I play back.

When I export it however it sounds rubbish - both in and out of cubase. All the bass disappears, it sounds muddy, and I get clipping noises that arent there in the main mix. Ive tried using the “real time” export function, but no good. Ive googled and searched this forum , however the main fix appears to be to apply the UV22HR dithering plug in, which is not included in my version. Even then it does not always seem to work according to some of the posts Ive read, but they all seem to be using instruments rather than WAV files.

I just want to hear back from the export what Im hearing in my mix, how do I stop the quality degradation on export please?


Where did you Insert the plug-in? On the Track or the Stereo Out? What is your exporting format?

Inserts on the tracks. Exporting to WAV.

Not changing sample rate, tried both 32bit float and 24 bit.


What is the Player, where do you play the WAV file? For example Windows Media Player can’t play 32- or even 24-bit WAV.

How does it sound, when you import the exported file back to Audio track in Cubase (you can do so directly from the Export Adio Mixdown window)?

Playing it as another track in the same cubase session. Sounds like the bass has been sucked out and the higher frequencies clip.
No inserts on that track or stereo out. Uploaded it to Soundcloud as well


Do you use Channel Strip? Could you send a screenshot of your MixConsole with opened slots (as much as possible - Pre, Inserts, Strip, Sends…)?

Has anyone found a fix for this yet? having same problem