Mixdown sounds not good

Hi there,

I know that topic has been already in discussions, but I never found a solution to my problem.

The problem is, my mixdown sounds kind of metal can when I play for exemple in my smartphone. If I play back my wav file in cubase, it sounds great. If I play my wav file in WMP, it sounds like in my cubase project. But if I play it in my car, or in my smartphone, it sounds horrible. I mixdown 44.1, 24 bits. I work through and usb soundcard (Toneport UX2), and it’s my default soundcard in my computer. I’d like to have the same sound every where.

Ok please, don’t tell me kind of; you have to know how to mix…go by ears…blah blah blah…cut the ‘surplace’ replies…

Appreciate any help,

I attached my mixdown settings, in case the problem is there

Ok, I think the problem is my cell phone. But my further question is; why when I play anysong from internet or what ever, it sounds good? (On my cell phone)

Try mixing it down to 16 bits. I had a problem with 24 bit mixdowns not playing in my car so it might be something similar.

Ok I’ll give it a try! I tried my mixdown on iMac and iPhone, and it sounds just like in Cubase. It is weird that it sounds crappy via my Android. I guess it’s the by default cellphone EQ that makes that crappy noise. But my point is also, why it’s doing this just with my own mixdown, and not from other songs!

Thanks for your tip, I’ll try it!