Mixdown twice as loud

I’ve been having trouble when trying to do mixdowns. Everytime I do a mixdown, the result comes out twice as loud as when I hear it in Cubase 6. I am wondering if it has to do with my Setup. I am currently using my Logitech z-5500 5.1 speakers, but for some reason Cubase only recognizes them as 2.1 Stereo, and I have them mapped in my VST Connections as “Stereo left” and “Stereo right”. Any advice? I tried doing a search on the forums but couldn’t find anything…




Is it possible that you have enabled the control room of Cubase ? Please have a look at this knowledge base article https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/control-room-replaces-audition-bus/kb_back/2025.html?tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[keyword_search]=Control%20Room

Regarding your 5.1 setup: you need to create at the VST connections a 5.1 output



What soundcard do you use, has the logitech a soundcard built in?

I am just using my onboard Realtek HD soundcard. The logitech Z-5500 does not have a built in soundcard, is that the problem?

I cannot set up a working surround 5.1 bus in the VST connections tab for some reason. Here is the screencap:

Any thoughts?

No that could not be the problem, mixing down is a internal proces in Cubase.

What I would do in your case is to delete the 5.1 setup and see how it’s doing in stereo setup.
I could imagine that for some reason you’re hearing your monitoring signal twice ar the other way around.

Also a strong suggestion to get a ASIO souncard !!! It’s needed when working with Cubase, you can do without but it’s better to have a streamlined soundcard which interacts good with cubase.

Click on the “studio” pulldown in Connections and make sure Control Room is disabled ( as was stated before)

Ok well I will have to try again on Monday since I will be away on the weekend.

Which ASIO soundcard can you recommend? I eventually will be getting rid of my Logitech speakers for some Rokit Monitors, is there an ASIO soundcard that goes well with the KRK’s?


What is your budget?

I really dig Echo audio, RME, Focusrite and Steinberg soundcards/modules. But most card are pretty good these days.
WHat I would advise is to get simple cards, no extra whistles and bells like for example the EMU card lines. These have DSP effects which makes understanding the operations more complex. Best is to select a audiointerface with only input and output plus midi.

I would say budget is around $200-$300. The only thing is the only music store around me is Long and McQuade (unless I order online I guess) so they have a limited selection:


you can pick up a Motu 828 for under 150 and they are great cards. I currently have four :slight_smile: PM me if you are interested in one and I will send you info

Kind of a dumb question but I have done this before so don’t take offense if it sounds stupid.
Are you sure you didn’t do a prior export of the track and click on import into project? Meaning, the bounced down version of your track is IN your current project, so when you re-export you hearing your project times 2? Happened to me before :slight_smile:

If I’d have to choose I would have choosen this one:


It’s always subjective but I really do not like MOTU cards, the converters aren’t my cup of thea.

Maybee the expensive ones are ok, but the lower line isn’t that good in my opinion.