Mixdown vs Audio Send Alternatives?

Rather than doing an audio mixdown, what’s the best way to route and capture audio and bounce it to another track? For instance, I have a MIDI instrument and would like to route its audio to AUDIO track 1 and capture it there.

Currently I’m doing it this way:

Track 1 - Audio Track (empty)
Input Bus = FX 1
Output Bus = Stereo Out
Track 2 - MIDI instrument
Audio Send = FX 1
FX 1 - Scope (or some other non-intrusive effect that doesn’t color the sound)

  1. Enable Track 1 for RECORD
  2. Starting Recoding
  3. The MIDI output is now captured on Track 1

I’m guessing there is probably a smarter alternative to this, so I’m posting this for advice…


Route the instrument channel to a group or dummy output and select that as the input of the audio track.

Thanks for the fast response ! – I’ll give that a try. BTW, I’m new to Cubase, so I understand the group concept, but what would consider a “dummy output”?

In VST connections, you can create extra input and output busses. If you don’t assign them to actual hardware in or outputs, they are ‘dummy busses’ which you can use for internal routing.

Fantastic. Thanks folks, that did it. I had tried creating empty buses before, but must have done the routing wrong (probably due to not enough caffine).