Mixdown with Arranger on

HI I found what I think is a bug when bouncing a mix down when Arranger is on.

open a project with a arranger - mine is around 6 min
turn on arranger track with multiple sequences
last arrange sequencer is not at the end
set loop locators to the whole track for mixdown (even though the arranger sequence is shorter - eg a radio mix setup)
export mixdown

result: you will notice that after the last sequence plays the song will start over again instead of end or silence


While I can confirm the behavior, my understanding is that Cubase does not support using the Arranger track for mixdowns, as un-intuitive as that sounds. So it’s a feature request…

Aye, before a mixdown would not follow the Arranger track at all so I think that one of the recent updates added this in under the radar, possibly.

Hopefully this will just give the developers something to chew on for future updates.

So far, except for the issue of the track restarting and any other issues I haven’t seen with it, the feature works great and is very handy.