Hi everyone,

I have just finished my first project and wanted to process all the tracks thru the EQ, and call it done.

How should I do this?

Should I record all the recorded channels on 2 new tracks (like a summary) or there is another way to do it?

Thank you heaps.


Most people would simply use the EQ on the master bus.

Thanks, I’m trying to physically route all the recorded audio channels to the EQ (with cables from the RME interface outputs) and back to the interface, and record everything that went thru the EQ on 2 audio channels in Cubase. Is this what most people call master bus or something else? Maybe somehow sending the audio tracks to the EQ and back without cables … (Apologies for my newbie questions …)

You mean external hardware EQ?

Yes, I’m using an external (hardware) stereo EQ …


Then you could use the external Fx feature, depending on which Cubase version you use.

I’m using Artist 9.
I’ve seen a tutorial with External Fx tab in VST connection tab, but that one does not exist in my Artist 9.

Is there a way to use external Fx in Artist 9, or maybe some other way to EQ the whole recording with an external EQ, thanks heaps.

Then you ˋll have to send the master bus out to the EQ and re-record the EQ output to anew track in Cubase