Mixed and mastered in Cubase 9 ....

… and Acustica audio platform :wink:



Lush and beautiful, did you make this? Great job!

Hello Early21 :slight_smile:
thank you so much for your comments !
yes all is done in Cubase pro 9 :slight_smile: (I’m about songs only, not video)

Good job! Really. Can you describe more - who is singer, who is video maker? Just wanna to know good people.

You know, @Elbadaoui, this piece of your music I put in the Examples list to be listened later more and maybe use as a Reference track :wink:

I saw the other song “Lovely Days” - good too. Do you work with one or more video makers?
(“Closer To Me”, “Sweet Kiss”…)

P.S. My albums in signature below…