"Mixed" Notation In The Same Bar


How can we get part of a bar with regular notes, and the rest with “stemmed slashes”, without having to change voices? Chenging voices produces “floating” rests, and makes it messy.

This was done in “the other programme”.

Screenshot 2020-01-05 at 9.05.18 PM.png

You have two options:

  1. Change voices, then, with the bar selected (or just the rests, if you’ve other rests in the bar that you need to keep) go Edit > Remove Rests.
  2. Don’t change voices. Just select the notes that need slashes, right-click and go Notehead > Slashes > Oversized Slash Notehead. The downside to this method is the slashes won’t playback the chords.

Well, probably the guys behind Dorico should think of making this process more simple and accurate…
As Pianoleo explained in his step #2, but without any downsides.

Best wishes! :slight_smile:

I don’t really understand what’s wrong with option 1. I have Edit > Remove Rests assigned to a keyboard shortcut, so it takes basically no time at all.

Pianoleo, you’ve been very helpful. Thank you!

I will try both your suggestions, but from reading them, they could be more elegant.

In the demo I posted, I entered the notes, selected those I wanted to change, Opt+Shift+4, BOOM! No muss, no fuss!

Devs, please put this on the list.

We’re reasonably happy with how slashes work in Dorico already. There are advantages to using slash regions and dedicated slash voices beyond simply overriding noteheads, but you can certainly do that as well if you wish.

I’ll grow into those as time goes by.

Thanx for coming in!

Option #2 is just as elegant as with “the other programme”. Maybe the Devs can fix the downside.

Growing and learning. :slight_smile: