Mixer and Exporting

I am checking out the Dorico 3 trial and so far enjoying the experience, coming from Notion 6. There are couple things I miss from Notion that I’m wondering if they are planned for Dorico.

  1. More advanced mixer. I’d like to be able to add sends and route channel outputs to them rather than the master output. The current GUI seems to imply these will be there in the future, but wanted to make sure they are indeed planned.
  2. More export options. Particularly 24 and 32bit audio. 16bit is so 80s. :wink:


Welcome to the forum, wholeonions.

We do anticipate adding further routing options to the Mixer in the future, but not imminently. Likewise the underlying audio engine certainly has support for higher bit-rate audio export; it’s a matter of us providing the necessary user interface to make it possible to set those options, which we do plan for the future.