Mixer and Group soloing issues 8.5.15


Same strange behaviour.
During a project as i switched workspaces to project/mixer/channel view and going back to no workspaces window,mixer stayed the same,not only that when expanding to the full view it lost all its settings,had to redo my mixer settings again.
Had to make a new workspace with the mixer settings/view i had before.

2nd problem.
As i was in normal view(not mixer) i changed direct routing settings in my inspector to another bus after that i couldnt solo busses normally,actually soloing didnt work at all.It was a total mess.
Had to restart Cubase.

Both problems happened in the 32bit version of cubase,havent experienced that in the 64bit version so far.

System,Win 7/64bit.

The 2nd problem was probably due to some incompatibilities with an older Cubase project i tried to re-mix in 8.5,not 100% sure but i have a strong feeling that was it.
Though the first problem with the mixer had nothing to do with it.