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Hi Steinberg community, I’m working with note performer on Dorico but I noticed that in the mixer all the instruments are controlled with the same fader. Is it possible to split the faders from the note performer sounds? Thank you :smile:

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NotePerformer is mixed in its own window, which you can open by clicking on the VST in Play mode.


I suppose you could add multiple instances of NotePerformer, thus populating multiple faders in the Dorico mixer.


@dan_kreider How would I do that? How would I assign each instrument of a string quartet to its own NP instance?

As Note Performer reads the list of instruments in Dorico’s Setup, the only way I’ve found to do what you want is is by tricking it. Basically you start with your playback template as silent, then set up a load of instruments, putting Violin 1 as the first Instrument, Violin 2 as the 17th instrument (thereby forcing a new instance of Note Performer to load). Carry on until your last instrument, then set the playback template to Note Performer. Then it’s a question of deleting the slots in Note Performer (under the Special menu) and the redundant instruments in Dorico. It sounds - and is - long-winded, but it is possible. It’s jerry-rigged to the extent that if you ever reset the Playback Template, you’ll lose the separate mixer channels.

Here’s a Dorico file with NP set up for a string quartet and each instrument assigned to its own separate mixer channel within Dorico.

NP String Quartet.dorico.zip (502.1 KB)


@David_Tee that’s great. Thanks. I would never have discovred that.


Hi Andro,

I’ve just worked out there is a much better way to do this. You can save NotePerformer instruments on a single basis as Endpoints setups and then create a Playback Template by combining those instruments.

The advantage of doing it this way is that if you ever did change the Playback Template to something else, you’d be able to revert it back to separate channels in Note Performer again by reapplying the template.


Andro, This is so very interesting to me. I am trying to do this within a very large orchestration.
Is it still working for you?
Any chance you could give a step-by-step procedure on how to do this? Or, have you found a place where this is spelled out? I would love to have the individual Noteperformer instruments show up on the Dorico mixer, utilizing all of the FX, eq and inserts the Dorico mixer affords. Thank you for this.

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I don’t mind using the Note Performer mixer but I think I saw a John Barron video where he described how to use the Dorico mixer with Note Performer - irritatingly I can’t find it again.
Anyone remember that one - or did I dream it?

Martin kennedy

Check @David_Tee’s NP (SO) expression map! Each instrument gets one instance of NP, so you can really mix with Dorico’s mixer :wink:

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