Mixer automation

Is there a way to automate mix levels? Alternatively, is there a way to set levels independently between flows?

I’m using a cinematic fx (NI Thrill), and want it to grate quietly in the background in one flow; and it’s the only thing in the next, so normal volume. It (Thrill) doesn’t respond to velocity, so far as I can see.

(I guess a workaround would be to create a second instrument routed to the same output, and give it its own mixer level.)

No, at the moment there’s no direct way to automate the Mixer. Perhaps you could map the volume to a specific MIDI continuous controller in the VST plug-in, and then add appropriate CC data at the start of each flow?

OK Daniel. Following your suggestion, in this instance I can use cc7.

I’d be interested to know what the future might hold regarding the initial question, though. I imagine it’s not part of the original MIDI specification?

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Dan (et al) thanks for the quick reply. Is it possible that there’s a third-party VST plug-in that would do the job? Or would I just be wasting my time searching?

You could use VE Pro. There you can automate the faders.

Thanks, Oliver. I’ll check that out.