Mixer bank selection issues on preset change

I realise this is also mentioned by coders…but im trying to make simple stuff using the supplied editor, which it should do without wrestling or please just remove the feature until its actually complete
It has incredible potential but Im growing tired of the half baked cake

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob das ankommt, aber ein halbgebackener Kuchen macht jeden krank
Hummel Hummel ja?

EDIT: It would appear its actually sending a bank reset on preset change. Please remove this.


Could you please describe your issue in the step by step way?

Yep apologies

  1. Use the remote surface, move the mixer bank to an arbitrary position but at least 9 tracks from Channel 1
  2. Change the preset mapping
  3. Mixer bank resets and always goes back to Channel 1 but leave current selected track in current position (now not in mixer bank)

Can be tested by just using the drop down for mapping page too


Thank you. This is a known and already reported issue.

I had read the report but it seemed to be all about script/code and the cubase editor was mentioned; I think MC reported he had hacked a workaround.
Could you point me to the report including the remote editor?
Im including on the basis that they may not be shared issues…

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Yes, you are right, it has been reported by @m.c . It’s the same issue for the script code and for the MIDI Remote Assistant.

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Thanks @Martin.Jirsak !

Hello, well, it’s not something that I’m proud of, but I have a workaround using scripting here:

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Workarounds are usually quite artful lol
By the look of your other code…Im sure its a good solution
Im just done coding…music…thats all I want to do

I’m sure we all agree on this :slight_smile:

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Coding allows me to listen to music. Which i can’t do while working… :wink:

lol…not exactly sure what you mean @thomas_martin. I can only listen to Vivaldi or soundtracks when coding, especially parametric/geometric calculus for the 3d work, else I am in the studio in ‘silence’ of about 20db…argh…tinnitus is annoying though.

Personal terms;

‘Making music’…is playing an instrument and using it to create a spiritual space, with or without others…you know, the God commune place.

Capturing, refining and fitting it into current medium (ie transporting it’) for others is ‘producing’ music. ie transmissible product

‘Watching’ music is the passive observance…generally called ‘listening’

While Im coding (aside from exceptions) Im not doing 1. or 2. there fore Im not wasting my time there anymore, despite it being satisfying.

Well, my day job is being a post production sound engineer for TV, cartoon shows… I don’t find much time to listen to music in my day.

Coding allows me to listen to others music, and I like that as much as playing, producing, or anything else.

And if it helps me in my dayjob, then it’s a Win/Win.

baha! That makes sense
Argh yeah I couldnt handle that…tbh…music as a job.

I def love listening…but the God space…that is something altogether different, improvisational and responsive to the inner self…its certainly addictive therapy but listening can be a little similar…if its good :wink:

Coding is ‘the job’ for me…although it can be fun