Mixer bank "white bar" doesn't keep up

There is a white bar underneath the faders in mixer view that shows which faders that are included in the current bank that a controller accesses. But it behaves erratically for me and very often doesn’t show which channels I’m currently controlling using Midi Remote.

I’ve tried the functions under MixConsole\Mixer Bank Zone\Actions (mixer Bank Shift Right etc…) using three different controllers (CC121, NI M32, X-touch mini). I’ve also tried Reset Mixer Bank. And different projects.

To me, it seems like a bug. What’s your experience?

Yeah, I’ve seen similar on my X-Touch (regular) using the Mackie Control under the old Generic Remotes.

I’ve had the bar show up in 2 different places at the same time, be in the wrong place, or be wider or narrower than 8 channels. I suspect but can’t be sure that it is really a display repaint problem.

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If you have multiple Mackie Control devices set up, try removing all but one and see if it works.

I had this issue with my Oxygen Pro and Maschine MK3. With both of them setup for Mackie Control, the first bank of tracks (1-8) were inaccessible to both controllers.

Something about Cubase Pro 12 has really broken things there.

Stuff that has worked flawlessly since 10.5 just… instantly broke once I upgraded to 12. Seems like they made the determination that the new MIDI Remote API was worth futzing that stuff up. :frowning:

In my case there is only one Mackie Device.

And I have zero Mackie devices.

Does anyone know how to formally file an issue report? I’ve tagged this as “issue” but don’t if that’s the procedure…

Indeed it is

Sorry, that’s a Bug, the first maintenance update will fix that.


Great. Thanks for reporting back :+1:.